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EchoUser is a full-service user experience (UX) research & design firm. We work with the biggest companies in the world to 1-person startups with an idea.

Projects range from years of design team support, months of user tests, to single-day workshops.

We believe hard design problems are best addressed with a strong understanding of the user. We partner closely with our clients to work from your aspirational wants and pragmatic needs.

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NetApp FlashRay Full-Service UX
NetApp FlashRay Full-Service UX
User Research and Design
Applying a comprehensive user-centered design approach from research to high fidelity design to a highly complex, technical system.
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UX research as an introvert: a match made in heaven
UX research as an introvert: a match made in heaven

Despite what society seems to expect of me, I don’t really want to talk to anyone. I am an introvert. However, I found a career where I can make “conversation” and I absolutely love it. I am a UX Researcher.

April 13, 2022
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