EchoUser's Client-Partner Philosophy—An Overview
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Love of Craft.

At EchoUser, our "Client-Partner" philosophy is based on transparency, collaboration, and integrity. As a boutique firm, we prioritize direct client relationships, fostering trust, awareness, and empowerment to ensure successful engagements.

What is it like to work with you?

Every client considering working with a professional services agency should ask this question. The synergy that’s created from compatible working styles between a client and an agency is a springboard for a successful engagement. A mismatch between styles is a great way to doom the relationship. In the interest of putting our cards on the table, we’re going to describe our “Client-Partner” philosophy—EchoUser’s style and approach to interacting with our clients.

Our preferred style has developed over many years of working with all kinds of clients. Much is rooted in being a small, boutique firm that asks our individual researchers and designers to own the direct relationship with their clients (versus the common agency model of working through layers of account management).

Our goal is to build and maintain the highest level of trust between you and the people you are working with most directly.

Taking a deeper dive into how we do this, we deliberately build this trust with every client through three core behaviors: being fully transparent, maximizing collaboration, and acting with integrity. These behaviors result in a high-touch and highly communicative type of interaction where we aim to make our clients feel aware, engaged, and empowered.

This isn’t just lip service. We take the time to train these behaviors into every member of our team. Over the next few articles, we’ll dive into each core behavior in deeper detail to share how we think about them and train them internally. We hope you’ll come away with a much clearer sense of what it would be like to work with us.