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Core Services

Translating user needs & business requirements into interaction and visual design. The tangible truth of your product experience.

From conceptual models setting foundation. To wire-frames, mock-ups, and beyond.

A user-centered design process allows us to apply ourselves to any design need and Any Experience.

Design Case Studies ↣

User research is used to inform development (formative) and measure performance (summative).

What are the user (new, existing, and other personas) wants & needs? How do they fit with development & business priorities?

Deeply understanding & measuring the user journey leads to product success.

Design Services
Research Services
Interaction Design

Interaction Design is designing how users will interact with products, environments, systems, and services.

It is architecting the flow of giving and receiving information in an experience.

Interaction Design Cases ↣
Conceptual Model

A conceptual model is a simplified representation of relationships & hierarchy for a product or service.

It helps designers think of high level solutions and guide detailed design direction.

Visual Design

Visual Design is applying the visual language that connects products to users.

Rules & syntax, design systems, and overall look-and-feel amplify the interaction design into full product design.

Design Review

Design reviews are expert and heuristic reviews to identify and prioritize design and usability issues.

They can identify immediate fixes, define near-term goals, and outline larger projects.


Workshops are hands-on group sessions. They have many uses to spur design thinking and share knowledge.

Visioning, training, brainstorming, design sprints, project debriefs and more.


Wireframes are low resolution designs to give structure to concept models, but before visual design (e.g., mockups).

They are used to first assess design concepts in more tangible product format.

Research Services
Usability Testing

User Test a product early to rapidly validate ideas. Test later to establish benchmarks. Probe uncertainty throughout.

For any development format: paper, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and live products.


Personas are patterns of insights across user types based on real users.

They are a reference to help make design decisions and keep the user at the center of the design process.

Journey Maps

Journey Maps are timeline visualizations of using a product to help broad understanding.

They highlight issues & opportunities for key personas across different stages.

Contextual Inquiry

Contextual Inquiry is observing users in natural environments for overall insights on real product use.

It helps identify challenges beyond hyper-focused design & development.

User Interviews

Interviews are the baseline method for user research. Everything else is a proxy.

They provide deep insights on user behaviors, values, motivations, and desires.

Diary Study

Diary studies track users and product use over time.

They provide a rich insights across a long timeline that otherwise are missed in short design cycles.

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We strive to create extraordinary experiences
by understanding people at a deeper level.
We strive to create extraordinary experiences by understanding people at a deeper level
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© EchoUser. All rights reserved.