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New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
EchoUser Team
New Year.
Personal Growth.
Professional Development.
Growth Mindset.
In 2024, our resolutions focus on self-improvement and embracing new challenges in UX. We're committed to daily writing, stepping into leadership roles, learning guitar, and finding joy in adversity, all to enrich our lives and advance our careers creatively.
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Rally Pagulayan, CEO


As I think about defining my resolution for this year, I realize that over the years, I spend less and less time doing things that are interesting (to me) but non-essential. Most of my non-work time tends to be spent either taking care of day-to-day living needs (laundry, cleaning, walking the dog, etc) or just sitting on the couch watching TV or surfing the internet. Diving into hobbies, pursuing intellectually interesting things seem to have steadily fallen by the wayside. This is my inspiration for this year's resolution.

But instead of something general like, spend more time on hobbies (which is too easy for me to ignore), my resolution is to write something every day. My broader goal is really to not only improve my writing, but to make writing a more regular outlet for my thoughts. But the start will be to simply write something every day.

Vy Hoang, UX Designer


The year 2023 proved to be a significant period of learning and growth for me. I actively participated in various transformative projects that greatly influenced my career. In 2024, my goal is to transition into more leadership roles. Although the idea of leading has always been intimidating, I've come to understand that facing such fears is essential for personal and professional development. I believe that embracing discomfort is the key to growth, and each year should involve stepping into new and challenging territories.

On a personal level, one of my goals for this year is to be more intentional with my time. Now that I am no longer in school, I've noticed a tendency to fall into routines without actively engaging in new learning experiences outside of work. To counteract this, I've decided to pick up the guitar and am committed to holding myself accountable by taking classes. This endeavor not only adds a new dimension to my personal growth but also ensures that I am continually expanding my horizons beyond the confines of my professional life.

Chloe Markley, Research Director


Last year was hard, I’ll just come right out and say it. A lot of change and a lot of stress. The experience of the past year (or more) has prompted me to want to figure out how to do more to take in the good. Echoing last year’s resolution, continue to work on letting go of what I can’t control and activate my optimistic side. Begin to more routinely ask myself, “How can I approach this challenge with optimism and a sense of joy, rather than fear?”

I know I need a tactical approach to this, so a few things I’m considering:

  • Writing down the joys of the day (vs. thinking of them as wins or accomplishments)
  • On a weekly basis, taking time to reflect and write about moments that felt successful, big or small, with the goal of really trying to soak up and live those feelings
  • During a challenging moment, taking a brief pause first to breath and then attempt to reframe the situation: What other angles can I see this from? What can I learn from this?

Finally, a semi-unrelated, yet tactical goal I have for 2024 is to read a chapter a day of a book I’ve been meaning to read. I have so many piled in my office and this feels like a doable way of finally tackling my piles!

Mick McGee, Co-founder and Vice President


Include me among those for whom “New Year's resolutions” don’t come naturally. A bit of an awkward feeling alongside normally present goals and motivation, given extra attention for the arbitrary threshold. Nevertheless, the new year is still a good reminder for reflection, which is always valuable. And 2023 was eventful.

The obvious reflection is about all of the change in the last year. As part of the tech world, we’ve seen a lot of people move around, even more so than the heyday of job hopping and career growth (are we still in those heydays?). It’s not quite the sense of loss or measured goodbyes (or lack thereof), but another somewhat blunt reminder how business (and personal life) is always flowing, sometimes faster than you’d like, and sometimes not where you want to go. There is both the immutability of that flow, but also enduring self determination within that larger immutability.

With that, the resolution that resonates for me is something respecting both of those somewhat contradictory ideas. A recognition of change, the past, and intentional future. Something more than “pour one out”. A shrine, perhaps? Not sure. Since 2024 is a whole year long, I’m going to let that germinate a bit.

For 2024, my New Year's resolution is to create something concrete that pays homage to the concepts of immutability and determination.

Published on January 10, 2024

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