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Exploring Empathy Part 1: An Introduction to the series
Exploring Empathy Part 1: An Introduction to the series
Chloe Markley
Leadership Team
In this post we reflect on empathy, a core value of EchoUser, and share a personal journey in growing capacity for empathy. We plan to write a series of blog posts from different perspectives and hope to encourage readers to reflect on their own empathy.
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One of my goals for the year was to take space and time to reflect. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to successfully work on that goal! Recently, I have been reflecting on empathy. It is one of our company values at EchoUser, and it’s not hard to make the connection as to why. Empathy is core to UX and is often discussed. I have been reflecting on how EchoUser has explicitly framed our Empathy value statement and what it encompasses:


Our core essence. Act with integrity, respect, and self-awareness. Have this for our clients, our work, each other, and ourselves.

We had a virtual offsite last month where we engaged in several team activities based on our values. Mick, our founder and Vice President, talked about empathy, and especially the aspect of having empathy for our clients. It got me thinking.

There are situations when empathy feels easy to me and other situations when empathy is harder or doesn’t come as naturally. I wondered, in my own career and life, what’s the difference, and why is this the case? I also realized that I’ve grown my capacity for empathy over time in my career. Currently, I have also been doing a lot of personal work in the area of empathy and vulnerability. Something significant is beginning to shift within me as a part of this personal work, and I decided to write a blog post about my musings on empathy. But then my colleague Brian convinced me that there was enough here to expand into a series (thanks for the creative push, Brian!). So that’s what we’ve done. In the next few posts, Brian and I will be sharing our thoughts on empathy from the following perspectives:

  • Empathy for Users

  • Empathy for Clients

  • Empathy for Kids (as parents)

  • Empathy for Oneself

We hope you enjoy the ride and that perhaps our musings encourage you to reflect on how empathy shows up for you in your life. Where is it easy, and where is it hard for you?


Stay tuned for the next installment in our series, Empathy for Users, coming next week.

Chloe Markley

Published on September 29, 2022

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We strive to create extraordinary experiences
by understanding people at a deeper level.
We strive to create extraordinary experiences by understanding people at a deeper level
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© EchoUser. All rights reserved.