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Designing Avatars for Cats
Designing Avatars for Cats
Jie Tang
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National Cat Day is coming! 🎉 At EchoUser, our designer Jie Tang turned 4 feline faves into cartoons: Oscar the Ocicat, Sidra the Siamese, Percy the Persian, & Shirley the British Shorthair. Fun, quirky & lovable, share these cat avatars with fellow kitty enthusiasts! 😺🐾💕

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National Cat Day is on October 29th -- and we’re already celebrating.

At EchoUser, our pets have a special place in our hearts.

Jie Tang, experience designer and pet enthusiast, sharing avatars for pups on National Dog Day. She decided to iterate the process this month, cartoonifying four of her favorite feline faces.

Check out these charismatic kitties:

Oscar, the Ocicat.


This furball may seem a little obnoxious at first, but you’ll come to love Oscar for what he is: a sociable, loyal, and fun friend. A warm-blooded wild child at heart, you may wonder if Oscar is really just a dog in a cat’s body.

Sidra, the Siamese.


What’s she staring at? You’ll find yourself asking this a lot, because Sidra is one spacey cat. While she’s on another plane of existence, you can still enjoy her company at home on Earth. It’s OK, because she loves you, probably.

Percy, the Persian.


Percy is a plush and pampered aristo-cat, whose hobbies include watching mice come and go as they please, eating the fanciest of fancy feasts, and lounging on furniture you bought exclusively for him from IKEA’s pet collection. The only thing greater than his innocence is his cuteness.

Shirley, the British Shorthair.


Shirley is one cool cat, and she knows it. Just look at that smug little mug! This good-humored, affectionate kitty shares all of your inside jokes, gets all of your obscure movie references, and is more beloved to your friends than you are.

If you enjoy these avatars as much as we do, feel free to download them all and share with your fellow cat-lovers. :)

Many thanks to Jie Tang for her creative way to celebrate National Cat Day!

Published on October 27, 2017

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