Pulse Secure: Orchestrator Design

Pulse Secure had begun to lay out development plans for Orchestrator, a software solution derived from their current product. Instead of mimicking the design of the existing Pulse product, the Pulse Secure team wanted to rethink the UX of Orchestrator from the ground up in order to significantly improve the product’s usability.


The EchoUser team first delved into the current Pulse product, working closely with the Pulse team to understand key functionalities of the tool, as well as the company’s vision for Orchestrator. This enabled us to identify the most critical tasks the new tool needed to support: the creation and management of device configurations.


We also found that the creation of configurations in Pulse was one of the biggest sources of customer complaints. With this knowledge, we decided to focus our efforts on designing configuration functionality and the overall Orchestrator framework.


We applied an iterative approach — procuring design concepts and reviewing them with the product team and in-the-field users if the Pulse tool, and then implementing changes based on feedback while continuously increasing the scope and fidelity of the design wireframes. To ensure that all progress aligned with the Pulse team’s vision and development objectives, we maintained a collaborative and communicative relationship throughout.

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