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Vast entities, products, and systems need UX that can harness depth & complexity.

We wield experience, process, and skill that transcends complexity to clarity.


-- Mobile phones. Internet search. Modeling. Cloud infrastructure. Databases. Critical comms. Medical devices. Etc.


-- Comprehensive UX as a Service. Conceptual modeling. Interaction & visual design. Benchmark usability tests. Etc.

Harness Depth & Complexity

We thrive in requirements – A defining aspect of enterprise UX. It is not uncommon that we are brought in when progress has become confused & stalled. We regularly start projects with a thorough heuristic review – We clarify a UX path forward.

Experience, Process, and Skill

We have worked for over two decades on enterprise user experience. Always with a focus on building real products. While we utilize great visual design, a conceptual model and matching interaction design for complex products is where real experts shine.

  • We replaced larger design firms multiple times who pattern matched instead of problem solved, including at Qualcomm, Yodlee, and a major phone manufacturer.

  • We have a long-standing partnership with a major phone manufacturer, working on multiple large-scale UX design projects, global research studies, ideation workshops, and statistical user tests from eye-tracking to watermarks.

More Cases for Enterprise
FlashRay Full-Service UX
FlashRay Full-Service UX
User Research and Design
Applying a comprehensive user-centered design approach from research to high fidelity design to a highly complex, technical system.

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We strive to create extraordinary experiences
by understanding people at a deeper level.
We strive to create extraordinary experiences by understanding people at a deeper level
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© EchoUser. All rights reserved.
© EchoUser. All rights reserved.