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Carving new paths requires partners that can see vision and discern the important.

Our UX as a Service approach allows us to adapt and apply methods to vital needs.


-- Internet radio. Gaming. Investment relations. ML/AI. Digital health. E-learning. Biotech. Energy. Automotive. Etc.


-- Flexible UX as a Service. Design sprints. Rapid iterative testing. Workshops. Visual design. Persona / journey mapping. Etc.

Setting Vision

Setting vision can occur through, for example: 1) workshops, bringing in stakeholders to focus purely on vision, away from day-to-day stresses. And 2) contextual inquiry / persona development, to help figure out an effective design focus.

  • With Threadflip we started by crafting an archetype persona. Fashionista sellers had "storefronts". Buyers wanted to see clothes, but also style, organization, and outfits. The target persona morphed from seller/buyer to a closet, aka, The Closet Persona.

  • A (confidential) phone manufacturer wanted us to act as a start-up consultant for a major product re-focus. Moodboards & visual design concepts set the foundation.

EchoUser as a Service

The best UX outcomes are continuous. Product development is never "done". Wants, needs, styles and perceptions are always changing. The best UX, and UX service, adapts to these changes, which is the heart of our partner philosophy.

  • We worked with Mighty, an investment management platform, for a year and a half on two significant UX workflows - original and production design. Throughout the process, we interviewed users, worked on a design system, and collaborated closely.

  • Drivescale, a composable infrastructure startup, asked us to improve their user experience, while reflecting its power and flexibility. Across 3 months, we conducted lean UX research, reimagined the UX, and created a new product experience.

More Cases for Start-ups
Stitcher Iterative Test & Design
Stitcher Iterative Test & Design
The RITE Method for Internet Radio
Iteratively mining for the”A-ha!” moment, the key point where a user goes from casual to habitual.

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We strive to create extraordinary experiences
by understanding people at a deeper level.
We strive to create extraordinary experiences by understanding people at a deeper level
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© EchoUser. All rights reserved.
© EchoUser. All rights reserved.