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Any Experience

A holistic design approach to clarify the North Star user experience for anything.

Everything is a human experience.


-- VR. Robots. Farms. Festivals. Coffee. Bagels. Fashion. Transit. Distractions. Toilets. Life and Death ...


-- Contextual inquiry. Interviews. Ideation. Persona creation. Journey mapping. Workshopping. Hackathons ...

Really, Anything

Our design philosophy is from the inside out. As in, user centered design for meeting product users wants and needs. Human centered design when broader humanity is the goal. Expanding; any concept or thing can be the central focal point of design.

Holistic Design

Holistic design is the process of creating meaningful experiences. These experiences are understood in context, are constructed from underlying goals, and perceived in the whole. (The opposite of missing the forest for the trees.) This approach is the foundation for applying our process to anything.

  • A crowd favorite is public transit. Everyone is a researcher with their complaints. Everyone is a designer with their suggestions. See our BART ride-alongs (case) (story). Envisioning SF Bay Area wide transit. Taipei transit. Korean smart cars.

  • The Social Robot vetted broad context to uncover concepts for a novel home assistant.

More Cases for Any Experience
Children's Day School
Children's Day School
Teaching students how to prototype games and improve them by collecting and implementing user feedback.

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