How it all got started...

It all started in the patio of Zeitgeist bar, at Duboce & Valencia in the Mission District of San Francisco. Mick bought Aaron and Manik a beer on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and they were sold!

Over a few more drinks, and a lot of passion about user & customer experience, we concluded that our 'underground research' group of prior years was perfectly poised to launch out on its own and help define the next great products & services.

We were already kicking tail at applying user experience (research, design, usability) to software and mobile. But we felt there was so much more potential in user experience methods and opportunities beyond the traditional software experience.

We've since greatly expanded our process to take on all challenges, solidified our strengths in software and tech products, and applied our methods into Any Experience. Tip of the mug to Zeitgeist for helping power our vision. Highly recommended hangout for any aspiring start-ups seeking a bit more 'edge'

Careers at EchoUser

We're always interested in new people, and it's awesome to work here. Interested in the skills you'd need to work with us?

First and foremost, having great oral and written skills can be a cliche, but for us it is a lifeblood. Our specialty is acquiring useful information from users, communicating amongst ourselves, and most importantly (to the business), delivering to our clients. You need to be able to successfully interact with all types of people from all walks of life.

Second, character is king. It's the heart of how you communicate and work. Words that are meaningful to us: Responsible, Charismatic, Mature, Effective, Motivated, Respectful, Efficient, and Passionate. We strive to live up to them every time we interact with users, clients, and each other.

Lastly, we are a small company. Growing fast, yes, but for now we are still relatively small. We all have 8 jobs; you will too. Broad UX skill sets are a must. There are also great thrills and rewards in starting small - we are loving it every day! But there can be a lot of change, unknown, and hard work involved. Send us a note using the form below (in the footer) with a link to your portfolio if you're interested in working with us!